Doireann Fitzgerald’s CV


Contact Information

Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
90 Hennepin Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55401


2003: Harvard University, PhD in Economics.
1997: University College Dublin, MA in Economics.
1996: University College Dublin, BA in Economics.


2013 –: Senior Research Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
2006-13: Assistant Professor, Stanford University.
2003-06: Assistant Professor, UC-Santa Cruz.

Other Appointments

2015 –: Adjunct Professor, University of Minnesota, Department of Economics
2013-18: Faculty Research Fellow, NBER.
2010-11: Fellow, International Economics Section, Princeton University.
2005-06: Visiting Assistant Professor, Harvard University.

Research Interests

International Trade, International Macroeconomics.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

  1. “How Exporters Grow,” (2023), with Stefanie Haller  and Yaniv Yedid-Levi , Appendix, accepted, Review of Economic Studies.
  2. “Exporters and Shocks,”  (2018), with Stefanie Haller , Journal of International Economics, 113, 154-171. Appendix
  3. “Pricing-to-Market: Evidence From Plant-Level Prices,” (2013) with Stefanie Haller , Review of Economic Studies, 81 (2), 761-786. Appendix
  4. “Trade Costs, Asset Market Frictions and Risk Sharing,” (2012), American Economic Review, 102 (6), 2700-2733. Appendix Data and Programs
  5. “Can Trade Costs Explain Why Exchange Rate Volatility Doesn’t Feed Into Consumer Prices?” (2008), Journal of Monetary Economics, 55 (3), pp.606-628. Data and Programs
  6. “Specialization, Factor Accumulation and Development,”  with Juan Carlos Hallak (2004), Journal of International Economics, 64 (2), 277-302.

Other Publications

  1. “How Exporters Respond to Tariff Changes,” (2019), in Trade War: The Clash of Economic Systems Threatening Global Prosperity, Meredith Crowley, ed. CEPR Press.
  2. “Education and Growth in the Irish Economy,” with Joseph Durkan and Colm Harmon (1999), in Understanding Ireland’s Economic Growth, Frank Barry, ed. London: Macmillan Press.

Working Papers

  1. “Can Sticky Quantities Explain Export Insensitivity to Exchange Rates?” (2019), with Yaniv Yedid-Levi and Stefanie Haller.
  2. “How Do Firms Build Market Share?” (2021), with David ArgenteSara Moreira, and Anthony Priolo.
  3. “The Impact of Multinationals Along the Job Ladder,” (2023) with Ragnhild Balsvik and Stefanie Haller Slides

Work in Progress

  1. “Price Setting in Ireland,” with Stefanie Haller
  2. “How Firms Grow,” with Stefanie Haller and Yaniv Yedid-Levi.

Older Papers

  1. “Terms-of-Trade Effects, Interdependence and Cross-Country Differences in Price Levels,” (2003).

Grants and Fellowships

  • NSF Grant 0921748: Exchange Rates and Firm Behavior, 2009 — 2016
  • NSF Grant 0647850: Trade Costs, Asset Market Frictions and International Macro Puzzles, 2007 — 2013
  • UCSC Committee on Research Faculty Research Grant, 2005
  • UCSC Division of Social Sciences Faculty Research Grant, 2005
  • UCSC Committee on Research Faculty Research Grant, 2004
  • UCSC Division of Social Sciences Faculty Research Grant, 2004
  • UCSC Committee on Research Faculty Research Grant, 2003
  • MacArthur Scholar (Program on Transnational Security)

Invited Seminars

  • 2022: Yale, University of Chicago, Vanderbilt.
  • 2021: University of Oslo, University of Liverpool, Trinity College Dublin.
  • 2020: Banco Central de Chile, NYU, Columbia, Virtual International Trade and Macro Seminar.
  • 2019: IMF, CREi.
  • 2018: Brown.
  • 2017: Bank of Canada.
  • 2016: Harvard, Michigan.
  • 2015: CREI, Ohio State, Rochester.
  • 2014: Wisconsin, University College Dublin, Nottingham University, LSE, University of Warwick.
  • 2013: San Francisco Fed.
  • 2012: Cornell, Minneapolis Fed, University of Maryland, UBC, Duke.
  • 2011: University of Michigan, Yale, NYU, NY Fed, UCSC.
  • 2010: Duke, Kansas City Fed, MIT, TCD.
  • 2009: UCSC, Penn State, UCLA, FRB.
  • 2008: UC-Davis, NYU.
  • 2007: USC, UT-Austin, UCSD, UBC.
  • 2006: NY Fed, University of Connecticut, Harvard, MIT, IMF, Wisconsin, Dallas Fed, UCSC, Berkeley.
  • 2005: Purdue, Harvard, CREI, LSE, TCD, UC-Davis, Boston Fed.
  • 2004: Berkeley, USC.
  • 2003: San Francisco Fed, USC, Chicago GSB, Boston Fed, NY Fed, World Bank, IIES, Stockholm School of Economics, GWU, USC, University of Houston, Stanford.
  • 2002: Boston Fed.

Conference Presentations

  • 2021: MacCaLM Annual Conference, Edinburgh.
  • 2020: St Louis Fed Macro-Trade Workshop.
  • 2019: University of Texas Macro/International Conference, SED.
  • 2018: NBER Summer Institute (ME).
  • 2017: IM-TCD-ND Workshop on International Macroeconomics and Capital Flows, SED, Drexel-PFED Conference on Credit Markets and the Macroeconomy, NBER-IFM (Fall).
  • 2016: SED, NBER Summer Institute (ITI), Canadian Macroeconomics Study Group, Atlanta Workshop on International Economics.
  • 2015: SED, NBER Summer Institute (Price Dynamics), Minneapolis Fed Joint Workshop on Nominal Prices and Wages (with the Bank of Canada and Bank of Mexico), NBER-IFM (Fall), NBER-Macroeconomics Within and Across Borders (Fall).
  • 2014: NBER Summer Institute (IFM).
  • 2013: Dallas Fed and Swiss National Bank Conference on the Effect of Globalization on Market Structure, Industry Evolution and Pricing.
  • 2012: AEA, NBER-ITI (Spring).
  • 2011: Milton Friedman Institute Price Dynamics Conference.
  • 2010: SITE, SED, FRB-Dallas and Vanderbilt Conference on Microeconomic Sources of Real Exchange Rate Behavior, Philadelphia Fed International Trade Workshop.
  • 2009: NBER Summer Institute (Price Dynamics).
  • 2008: NBER Summer Institute (ME, IFM).
  • 2007: Econometric Society Annual Meetings, CEPR Workshop on Global Interdependence, Moscow Conference on Frontiers of Macroeconomics and International Economics, SED, 9th Conference of the ECBCFS Research Network.
  • 2006: Econometric Society Annual Meetings, NBER-ITI (Spring), NBER Summer Institute (IFM).
  • 2005: NBER-IFM (Spring), NBER-ITI (Spring), WEA Annual Meetings.
  • 2004: AEA, SCCIE Annual Conference.


  • 2022: Lloyd, Reinhardt and Sowerbutts, “The Impact of Commercial Banking Restrictions on UK Banks’ Cross-Border Lending,” IBRNWinter 2022 Meetings.
  • 2022: Afrouzi, Drenik and Kim, “Growing by the Masses: Revisiting the Link between Firm Size and Market Power,” AEA.
  • 2021: Santamaria, Ventura and Yesilbayraktar, “Borders within Europe,” NBER Summer Institute (ITM).
  • 2020: Biermann and Huber, “Tracing the International Transmission of a Crisis through Multinational Firms,” NBER IFM Spring Meeting.
  • 2020: Zhao, “Your (Country’s) Reputation Precedes You: Information Asymmetry, Externalities and the Quality of Exports,” 2nd International Trade DynamicsWorkshop.
  • 2020: Alessandria, Khan and Khederlarian, “Taking Stock of Trade Policy Uncertainty: Evidence from China’s Pre-WTO Accession,” NBER Summer Institute (ITI).
  • 2020: Boehm, Levchenko and Pandalai-Nayar, “The Long and Short (Run) of Trade Elasticities,” Women in International Economics Conference.
  • 2018: Boz, Gopinath and Plagborg-Møller, “Global Trade and the Dollar.,” NBER IFM Spring Meeting.
  • 2018: Corsetti, Crowley, Han and Song, “Markets and Markups: A New Empirical Strategy and Evidence on Exporters From China,” NBER Summer Institute (IFM).
  • 2017: Monarch and Hottman, “Reassessing Markups, Competition, andWelfare with Supplier Trade Data for the U.S.,” SCIEA.
  • 2016: Ready, Roussanov and Ward, “After the Tide: Commodity Currencies and Global Trade,” Carnegie-Rochester-NYU Conference on Public Policy.
  • 2015: Irwin, “Tariff Incidence: Evidence from U.S. Sugar Duties, 1890-1930,” NBER Summer Institute (ITI).
  • 2014: Paweenawat and Townsend, “Villages as Small Open Economies,” Cowles Conference on New Perspectives on Macroeconomics, Trade and Development.
  • 2012: Amiti, Itskhoki and Konings, “Importers, Exporters and Exchange Rate Disconnect,” EIIT.
  • 2011: Feenstra, Obstfeld and Russ, “In Search of the Armington Elasticity,” Cowles Conference on New Perspectives on International Trade, Development and Macroeconomics.
  • 2011: Head and Lapham, “The Dynamics of Market Power and International Prices,” Econometric Society Winter Meetings
  • 2009: Carvalho and Nechio, “Aggregation and the PPP Puzzle in a Sticky Price Model,” SCIIE Annual Conference
  • 2007: Smith and Valderrama, “The Composition of Financial Flows When Emerging Markets Face Financing Constraints,” IMF-Cornell Conference
  • 2007: Corsetti, Dedola and Leduc, “Productivity and the Dollar,” SF Fed Pacific Basin Conference
  • 2007: Dekle, Eaton and Kortum, “Global Rebalancing With Gravity: Measuring the Burden of Adjustment,” IMF 8th Jacques Polak Annual Research Conference
  • 2005: Atkeson and Burstein, “Trade Costs, Pricing to Market and International Relative Prices,” SCCIE Annual Conference

Professional Activities

Students advised: Assaf Zimring (Cornerstone Research), Parisa Kamali (IMF), Anthony Priolo (Lancaster), Yang Zhou (Fudan University), Maria Jose Carreras Valle (Purdue).

Reviewer for: American Economic ReviewAEJ-AppliedAEJ-MacroCanadian Journal of Economics,EconometricaEconomic JournalEconomic PolicyInternational Economic ReviewJournal of Development EconomicsJournal of the European Economic AssociationJournal of International EconomicsJournal of Political EconomyReview of Economic StudiesReview of International EconomicsQuarterly Journal of Economics.

Local Organizer, Women in International Economics Conference 2022.

Officer of CEBRA (Central Bank Research Association), 2022-present.

Co-Organizer, Virtual International Trade and Macro Seminar 2021-present.

Program Chair (with Nir Jaimovich), Society for Economic Dynamics Annual Meeting, 2020-21.

Program Committee, Society for Economic Dynamics Annual Meeting, 2010, 2011.

Co-Organizer, SITE Conference on Imperfect International Capital Markets, June 2010, September 2012.

Co-Organizer, SITE Conference on Heterogeneity and Aggregation in Macroeconomics, August 2007, August 2008.

Organizer, SCCIE Workshop on Firms in Emerging Markets, May 2005.

Co-Organizer, SCCIE Workshop on Trade and Finance, May 2004.

Assistant Editor, NBER Macro Annual, 2001, 2002, 2003.