Peer-Reviewed Publications

“Exporters and Shocks” (2018) with Stefanie Haller , Journal of International Economics, 113, 154-171. Appendix

“Pricing-to-Market: Evidence From Plant-Level Prices,” (2013) with Stefanie Haller Review of Economic Studies, 81 (2), 761-786. Appendix

“Trade Costs, Asset Market Frictions and Risk Sharing,” (2012), American Economic Review, 102 (6), 2700-2733. Appendix Data and Programs

“Can Trade Costs Explain Why Exchange Rate Volatility Doesn’t Feed Into Consumer Prices?” (2008), Journal of Monetary Economics, 55 (3), pp.606-628. Data and Programs

“Specialization, Factor Accumulation and Development,” with Juan Carlos Hallak (2004), Journal of International Economics, 64 (2), 277-302.

Other Publications

“Education and Growth in the Irish Economy,” with Joseph Durkan and Colm Harmon (1999), in Understanding Ireland’s Economic Growth, Frank Barry, ed. London: Macmillan Press.

Working Papers

“How Exporters Grow” (2017) with Stefanie Haller  and Yaniv Yedid-Levi . Appendix R&R

“Can Sticky Quantities Explain Export Insensitivity to Exchange Rates?,” (2019) with Yaniv Yedid-Levi and Stefanie Haller.

“How Do Firms Build Market Share?” (2018) with Anthony Priolo.

Work in Progress

“Greenfield Hires,” with Ragnhild Balsvik and Stefanie Haller

“How Firms Grow,” with Stefanie Haller and Yaniv Yedid-Levi.

“Price Setting in Ireland,” with Stefanie Haller

Older Papers

“Terms-of-Trade Effects, Interdependence and Cross-Country Differences in Price Levels,” (2003).